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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 8, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. hello everyone i'm kimberly guilfoyle. this is a special edition of "the five". u.s. unleashed two sets of air strikes today as isis and tens of thousands of non-muslims have fled for their lives in fear for mountainous area and are trapped without food and water. terrorists took hundreds of women captive. the u.s. military trying to help resolve the crisis. questions remain about president obama's strategy going forward, whether air strikes can stop isis. we have team fox coverage. doug mccalway is at the
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pentagon. we begin with hermanieg. >> there is a lot of bad news coming out of the region. one thing in particular, iraqi ministry of human rights confirmed humors the militants have taken hundreds of ubd women hostage, keeping them in a school in mosul and aassumption is that they're going to be sold in sexual slavery and forcibly married. so that is concerning news. others are still stuck at the top of the mountain was out food, water. there has been age drops made over the last couple days that will show kurdish forces managed to rescue some of them and bus them down from the mountain to a town. so that is positive. but we're still seeing many, many chris kins fleeing into the region who have been driven out of the cities. they're sleeping in schools,
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churches and outdoors. and it's just overwhelming. it's a huge humanitarian crisis in the making. one last piece of concerning news is that the islamic militants may have taken the mosul dam. if they have, it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction if they chose to destroy it, they can flood huge areas of northern iraq, but would reach as far as baghdad. >> yes. >> thank you. radical jihadi are pointing their guns at america now. listen to this chilling video of a militant saying they won't stop until a flag flies atop the white house. >>
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>> we turn now to the pent fon. in what is called cradle of civil layings between tigress and eupharades river. so other rebel groups booted it out of that. now, it seems intend on anything in it's path. most concern is not it's beheadings is it's organization from it's leader down through it's military ranks and command structure, it's become not just a terror organization but an adept fighting force with thousands of fighters. it has money from the robbings of banks and selling oil to the
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syrian government. it has weapons including stolen u.s. made up armored humvees, armored carriers and perhaps a few helicopters and tanks and also has many western fighters perhaps in the neighborhood of 100 americans belong to it. several hundred europeans they can come ask go freely by flying commercially to turkey, taking roads south ward into iraq, then back again. given that intelligence, analysts know isis is is american cities as well. that presents a frightening scenario. >> let's bring in ed henry. ed as our commander in chief gotten the memo what he's dealing with is a varsity organization? how far is he prepared to go? >> josh earnest got the question
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just raised about jv squad because that was the question made months ago in an interview with new yorker magazine he said look. these kinds of fighters are jv. like, you know a squad putting on l.a. lakers jersey, pretending their pros the fact is that this quote, unquote jv team is causing the united states trouble in the middle east now. i think one of the questions moving forward is how much of a threat is it to the united states? today, josh earnest said this is going to be a narrow mission when you asked when i press them is there a strategy, josh earnest says it's not up to the u.s. it has to be iraqi militaries and kurdish forces and there are questions looming whether iraqi military can do a job like that.
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we've seen them deserting and not up to the job despite the time, money, blood, treasure spent by the united states over the last decade or so. to stand up to this military, they may not be ready for this. that is why the u.s. intervened with air strikes to help from a humanitarian standpoint. but you're right. n is what is going to be done to stop it sis. signals are there is going to be a narrow military operation. no combat troops on the ground. and if that is the case it's hard to see how isis is going to be stopped >> we've heard that these guys are like good business men. and they have really good str strate strategy. was it to wait us out? weren't they like a thief waiting for us to go on vacation? they came back in?
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is that their strategy? >> to some extent, yes. this is what critics were say whth president brought all u.s. troops home and said at that time here at the white house, that we're leaving behind a stable iraq. you take a look at some of the pictures you just saw, it's not a stable iraq. otherwise, we won't have been needed to go back in to help. i think the opposite argument and one white house is trying to make in their defense is that when the u.s. had well over 100,000 troops, on the ground, in iraq, we were still getting shot and losing unfortunately a lot of our men and women in uniform. so, you know, president wanted to have some end dates. sure, enemy is going to wait you out. what is the alternative? u.s. military keeping a large foot print on the ground for the next decade? spend billions of dollars? more lost lives? we want to stop isis but at what cost to american military? >> this is the strategy was both
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bush administration and obama administration as i understand it was to stabilize iraq, and trade it's military. it's got well over 50,000 trained by u.s. personnel. so they outnumber if you take the best, most optimistic numbers is 10,000. that is outnumbed 5-1. are they that bad? they're well equipped by the united states. are they that bad? the strategy apparently for both administrations was a lousy one. they couldn't train a military to fight when they had the advantage. >> well, good question. i remember at the end of the bush administration, bush officials citing progress within the iraqi military. we've done great training and they're ready to stand up on their own. i've heard the same if the obama administration over the last several years saying look. they're standing on their own two feet. you're right. now, either is sis is more crafty or iraqi military is not
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ready to stand on its own two feet or some combination. and that also to me raises questions about the progress we keep hearing from the obama administration about the afghan military. that they're going to stand on their own two feet at the end of the year with only 9800 u.s. troops left at the end of the year on the ground in afghanistan. based on rosie reports we've heard about iraqi military, not sure. >> and the president has said repeatedly no boots on the ground. but my question is why are you telling everyone that? why are you refeeling cards and letting isis know from the start we have no intention of boots on the ground. doesn't that empower them? doesn't the administration understand we shouldn't lay cards on the table from day one? >> well, i think back to the question i got, which is is this a is sis or others just wait us out. if we take options off the table, it makes it harder to
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achieve an objective. when pressing josh earnest today about are we going to -- what is our strategy to defeat is sis, he kept saying it's up to the iraqi military, they can't be defeated without us working with them. what about the u.s. military? do we have faith? confidence the u.s. military could defeat isis? if we're ruling options out, it's going to be harder to objective like that. i think the flip side that the president is trying to layout is the country, whether you want to admit it is war weary. and while the president is going to take heed for not being willing to put boots on the ground if you took a poll now, we've taken polls it's not a lot of american people, democrats, republicans or independents that want boots on the ground.
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>> take us behind the scenes at the white house. is biden disagreeing can kerry? is the pentagon angry? is there consensus for people just disagreeing on this? >> i think when you name some of the players susan rice is one of the big first debates she's been solved in, scarred in part by her experience in the clinton administration where president clinton did not get involved and stop genocide in rwanda. talking about that being a searing experience. defense is that is that is a big motivator to say we've got to stop genocide in iraq. another video is of the president today calling king abdullah of jordan. president was in a situation thursday morning. a huddling about this. and headed to northern virginia for a va event. a signing of the va reform bill.
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on the south lawn we got this video of the president and his chief of staff engaged in an animated conversation. you can see it there now. president waving his right hand the video goes on, he was agitated story is that president was not happy that the story was leaking out while they're meeting national security team. "new york times" broke the story the president was weighing air strikes. why is that significant? because the story that i mai have been leaked but someone outside of the building thought maybe the president is going to wiggle out of it and wanted to box him in a hill bit and say look. they're weighing this. if the white house pulled back they would look weak. so that is some of the intrigue going on now as to who leaked that story the story didn't seem happy. >> the problem is that the president had information and advanced knowledge months ago of the strength and capability, weaponry and intelligence.
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we had a opportunity to seize the moment. now, we see results of it. we see the crisis at our door step with a group strong and eyes towards the u.s. how did the president justify his inaction and lack of deceasiveness against this group? >> what they've said previous to last 48 hours when this really came to front of mind is that they didn't have strong intelligence to target isis. when the president first started talking about it this summer. the intelligence would have, you could expect, gotten better. we know after the president highlighted this threat we were sending u.s. military planes over iraq and running intelligence missions to get a better sense of where isis was. isis has blood pressure on the march, getting closer to baghdad. and so you're right. that raises a question about
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yes. it's poe tn shally and why didn't we act sooner? putting aside humanitarian mission. >> as that race is the obvious, is that going to stop these people? doing air strikes over there? i think that raises a lot of serious questions and answers, which is no. >> second thing -- >> maybe slow them down. if you, if the iraqis can not defend themselves and afghanis cannot defend themselves this means the united states once again, whether putting soldiers on the ground or use everything you have, we're going to go back to war. is that right? >> that coulding an option the president indicating he doesn't want to do that. i'm not going to say yes. the president indicated he doesn't want to get the under the circumstances us into another war. the way you lay ut out, you know are we going to be world police
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for iraq? afghanistan? we're just going to keep going back? because they can't stand on their own two feet? that is, i suspect going to be, should be a big issue beyond mid terms and 2016 campaign. are we just going to be world policemen? >> yes. i guess the argument is that when we're bailing someone out, we're bailing ourselves out ahead of time. and i still don't know why we didn't bomb them once they entered iraq. i don't understand it i wanted to bring up just the intel point in era of snowden. mentioned 100 americans are in isis. is this why, why nsa matters? these are the needles in hay stack. how do we not know? how do we not know who these 100 americans are? >> i don't know we don't know
8:16 pm
who all of them are. and maybe we can be getting human intelligence. >> they're coming back. they might be coming back. >> sure. >> if they're on the ground maybe tell us what is going on to your point, you're right. my question about being a world policeman, sure. it might be a tough job. might cost us a lot of money, but remember, pre-september 11th, we let the taliban and al qaeda grow and grow. then, there were camps they hit us. and you're right, it's something you have to weigh. >> there are many hot spots. do you get a sense from inside there is scrambling and panic or that they're executing a strategy? >> i'm not sure they're
8:17 pm
executing a strategy. today, pressing josh earnest today if there are a mass slaughter, over 175,000 have been killed in syria. we didn't launch air strikes or a military campaign. he said well, each is different. well, in that case, i get that not everything is the same. why does it apply to iraq and not syria? i don't think there is a strategy that is tieing this together. what is the president doing tomorrow? martha's vineyard for two weeks of vacation. they say he's bringing national security agents to stay in the loop he's not a lot of national security crisis on his plate right now >> coming up next, isis threatening america. how did the obama administration miss warning signs about this
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>> when the president was asked about growing threat of isis in january, he called it a quote, jv team in basketball. our commander in chief is ordering air strikes on that jv team the president obama and this administration grossly underestimate this crisis in iraq? charles krauthammer and karl rove think so. >> we had an infrastructure in mrachls obama wanted to get out completely and wanted to be able to boast in his reelection campaign i got us out. as a result we're nowhere in the region. >> this president does not have a strategic view of what america's interests are. >> jedadiah help me understand
8:23 pm
this dismissive attitude. he called crash of the obamacare web site just a glitch. why do you think he does this? >> when it comes to foreign policy, i think he doesn't want america to be in a leadership position and i think he hopes everyone else will take care of it. he's not interested in being a leader and setting precedent. he's interested in letting it sort of drift. as far as domestic issues that is politically driven. i think he often indicators to left wing base. he's concerned about them and his legacy. >> do you think, greg, he's dismissed the threats? do you think he's seen threats and just ignored them? there is no way the nsa can't detect an army growing with artillery that we can look inside of a cell phone but can't
8:24 pm
see this? >> he learned everything from the news. as you know. and only thing he sees coming is a check. but -- >> it's true. >> the problem is to iraq, he would have noticed if he treated what had been accomplished in iraq as an achievement and not kind of sneered at it. he believes it was a huge mistake. he never felt strongly about it if he had, perhaps he would have seen this coming one more point. people in thea said they don't want to have boots on the ground. it drives me nuts when they say america is tired of war. everybody is. but you don't have that luxury. >> right. >> terrorists don't say america is fatigued. we'll back off. to america, exhaustion is never an option we can't go to sleep the moment we do, they slit your throat.
8:25 pm
>> wow. isis is not tired. >> karl rove says they don't have a strategy. we had the bush doctrine. what is the obama doctrine? >> remember he said he wasn't into nation building then started a war with iraq rove was behind. pick up the best of your strategy, man. idea this war was won and there was, krauthammer says there was infrastructure. look at this, if soldiers are running after we supposedly trained them, the fact is that we never could have had this country won. these people are afraid of the people. and the idea of staying there forever if that is what you're getting down to, stay forever, fine. let obama -- >> obama said we left behind a stable, viable, peaceful, sovereign iraq. >> that came from obama.
8:26 pm
>> here is the problem. they didn't establish a good agreement. >> iraqis didn't know it. >> no. >> why did he brag about not having troops left if he wanted an agreement. >> it wasn't handled right from the beginning. we had them at the table. >> i'm saying whoever is in the white house, opportunity presents itself to exert diplomacy with force, respected to say we're going to have a forces agreement and make sure we do not leave gaping holes so toerorists can find the path of least resistance we have to examine what we do. so this doesn't keep happening throughout the region. >> malaki refused to sign an agreement. >> kimberly has the last word. next on "the five" why america must lead the world in standing up against terror. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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>> i love humanitarian aid, i mean bombs there is belief it's food and water, canned beans but you can't heat a meal when you're beheaded in a world where ghouls rule, bombs trump bread we make the best bombs and deliver them faster than domino was out bred stake -- bread sticks your health is their happiness. pa pass -- historically, killing bad guys doesn't make more bad guys killing saddam hussien or osama bin laden created no new
8:32 pm
terrorists, i don't recall any terror movement beginning in japan after august 9, 1945. america's ability to end conflict is the only thing the world has left. it's the only prayer christians, jews, muslims and atheists have in living to see tomorrow. islamic extremism exists only to spread our response can only come from above in the shape of a 500 pound rsvp for america is truly the bomb. >> that is fresh stuff. >> it is. >> like you never heard it before. >> second time. >> you know what? it's called a classic. two-hour classic. >> miracle on 34th street is a classic. it was new to these people. >> why send food to people the
8:33 pm
moment they become slaughter. >> as you're reading this, ways thinking what if there were no united states? can you imagine what would happen? no one steps up to the plate. i mean, really. if we didn't, who would step up to do these things? this is why you don't down grade our military. this is why when people say american military is important, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. you know the united states is going to be the leader of it to step in to solve this problem. >> it's a good point. un was dropping food, too. i think move came out with a statement about this air assault and said they're for food drop but against missle strikes >> yes. >> right. >> is that what it is? >> yes. >> they're okay with u.s. military serving people their last meals before going out to execution. it doesn't make sense. what i'm amazed with is precision with these drives. it's 80% of the food gets there.
8:34 pm
it's amazing. u.s. military is the only department in the federal government that can do something. it's an amazing mahine. >> yes. >> it's an amazing machine. it's, the point is, this is what jedadiah said is a good point. if there were no united states is a good point. does it mean we're the policemen of the world? we're going to have to be? >> you said there are people left, bob. >> that is different. >> nochlt nochlt talking about this bombing. if nobody else can stop isis except for us, that means we're going to be around to stop them for a long, long time. >> we have no choice there isn't another america. there isn't an america on mars we ask for help. >> far be it from me to question
8:35 pm
your monologue but the japanese did have atomic bombs. >> are we going to complain because we have liberty and freedom? no. do you know what, bob? i didn't have coffee today. this seems to be obvious. we've got c 130s dropping food for women and children about to die being stuck in a mountain. this is what you should be celebrating as an american. not questioning. this is the right thing to do. if you don't it's going to come to our door step. then what do you do? >> what do you do? >> kimberly, you've made bob and i come together. >> kimberly needs to be secretary of state. >> immediately. you're going to be my press secretary. >> there you go. >> up next, christians being forced to flee. convert, or die in iraq. now, the pope is speaking out. and demanding action.
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isis causing tens of thousands to run for their lives." this devastating plea for help. >> >> religious leaders are condemning krigs chin vatican urging the national community to end the tragedy, protect and
8:41 pm
provide aid to those affected by the violence. bob, what should the international community be doing to help? i feel like we're not doing enough. this is a problem getting worse. what can we do? >> we should have done something a year ago. this show here was one spoke out about the christians churches being burned in egypt when you couldn't get ahead of a muslim country to say anything about it. only david cameron had guts to say something about it. and no church leaders have done it. with all due respect to the pope, the fact is that he's late coming to the table, too. and i think what you have to do now is for the sake of -- this is genocide. it's trying to eradicate a religious sect around for thousands of year that's became christians when christ ascending. i guess the silence is baffling.
8:42 pm
we'll spend time worrying about muslims can build their mosques i say to hell with them, get about taking care of us >> the media did ignore this so long, so long, now, all of a sudden everyone seems to be paying attention to it. what do you think changed? what changed? >> we've been giving it coverage and have the most here. how can you watch a video like that and not get involved and not help? not care for the right reasons? if you don't you have no heart. the problem is that we need to get vocal, loud and be able to show this genocide will not be tolerated. there is no time frame for it. t safety, and freedom of religion. >> i say we take two of them. >> good strategy. >> to you think we can make a
8:43 pm
difference here? speaking out about it? do you think we can show change? >> because if we're the exception to the rule, ever since september 11th, no one in the media cares the media is more concerned with muslim backlash than christian persecution. if you did a search. we're worried about after september 11th you don't want to take it out ominous limbs. this was a radical sect. and i agree with that. >> christians are the least-cool religion. you can make fun of them, they will not do anything about it. they're not scary. so it's okay if, i think it's kind of okay when one tries to ignore injustices i said this earlier. care, counsel in american islamic relations condemned bokoharem and isis. why not organize? why doesn't care moderate
8:44 pm
muslims if they are, organize something outside. where is the ghandi of islam? where is their pope? >> why don't you save some christians? >> you know what? silent. this is a holy war they think it's a holy war. when the president doesn't say radical islam. when he calls fort hood shooting work place violence and we're patting down grandma and letting mohammed walk away, i think we're failing to shine the spotlight on it. >> got to go. got to go. >> got to run, guys. coming up next a live report and latest on reduced fighting in the middle east. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] nexium®, the purple pill, is now available
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>> welcome back to "the five". let's get latest on israel's operation against hamas.
8:49 pm
rick? >> bob we're hearing israeli fighter jets and drones in the skies. an israeli naval ship opened up on a target behind us. we did see a number of air strikes today all this, after hamas broke the truce this morning by launching rockets minutes after the cease-fire expired dozens of rockets were launched towards israel including several from spots close to us here in northern gaza. most landed harmlessly, we're told in israel. one rocket caused minor property damage. there are two injuries reported but here in gaza, damages were far greater, dozens of air strikes throughout the day and night. leaving six dead, 30 wounded according to palestinians
8:50 pm
israel blames hamas ask says it won't return to peace talks in cairo as long as it's under attack. >> thanks, rick, take care of yourself. what do you think? we had a truce lasting three days. i guess. or cease fire, rather. is there any chance here? does anyone see a possibility this is going to get resolved? >> no. hamas won't stop firing rockets. so no. that is -- hamas is making peace impossible here. israel wants peace saying stop firing rockets at us and using tunnels and trying to smuggle weapons we'll have peace hamas doesn't have any. >> every country in the region sayi
8:51 pm
saying a truce for them it's just a pauts for a terrorist to pause to apply lipstick to his goat. >> no opinion on the goat but the fact they're pushing for a cease fire is shocking to me. you don't need a cease fire. i'm not sure priced the president is not letting israel defend it's own borders. now, my understanding of the situation is that they're going to keep firing until the world community pressures israel just to layoff they're trying to get us to say israel calm down. >> this is about gaza, not the mexican border. >> i think israel needs to finish the job, get it done. learn p our mistakes.
8:52 pm
and clear out, get rid of the tunnels get rid of hamas. put them out of business. he's then doing a favor to the gazains who will be better off to rid themselves of this terror group. >> my guess is that they probably won't go into office this time around. >> do you think that is honest selection? >> probably. it doesn't matter. you can't -- they don't want to be elected. >> and they're not in the mexican border. one more thing up next. >> thank you. woman: jimmy, all of these travel sites seem the same. captain obvious: tell your grandmother with the loyalty program, she'll earn free nights. so they're not the same, because they're different. woman: jimmy's not my grandson, captain obvious. woman: man: he's my lover. no. factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria?
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once again, it's time for... greg's secrets to happiness. >> well, here is a rabbit in a sink getting a bath. look how happy that rabbit is. what can you learn from this rabbit? kwh when you're low and life passed you by. jump in the path. suds yourself up. and calgon take me away.
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>> he looks paralyzed. >> there is nothing happier than that bunny. this is the secret to happiness a bath. >> a cat in a bucket? >> it's odd it defies logic. >> yes. >> i'm going to see my pet bunny in to minutes. >> this week, the death of james brady who suffered a gunshot wound to the head in 1981 has been ruled a homicide. the woman who made the ruling hasn't released the information. >> yes. >> i'll be watching with you. >> yes. >> medical examiner has to rule that as the cause of death. >> it's me.
8:58 pm
it's me. happy birthday, baby. baby the bear. smoky the bear turns 70 tomorrow. do you remember smoky the bear? most of you do because you have 96% name recognition. but remember, don't bring candles to smoky's birthday he said only you can prevent forest fires i remember this. i was an arson prosecutor. take a look. >> kimberly, you're so hot, smoky keeps trying to put you out. >> yeah, baby, smoky don't put mama out. >> i would think it was goofy. >> remember, only you can prevent forest fires. >> i love it the common teary, what can i say? >> this is actually a first. you have got to move this down. donald trump, trumping.
8:59 pm
the first time wants his name off two of his casinos in atlantic city because they don't meet industry standards. donald put them there, didn't take care of them, they turned them over to someone. now, he says he wants his name off of it. i don't think he wanted his name off anything. bathrooms and streets >> your relationship with him of affection continues on. >> yes. >> scary moment in major league baseball. take a look. >> joerdy mercer with a liner. oh, hits dan jennings in the temple. >> wow. >> that is dan jennings with a line drive in the head. turns out he's negative.
9:00 pm
>> that looks scary. >> thanks for joining us for this special edition of "the five". have a great weekend, everyone. breaking tonight, u.s. fighter jets roaring through the skies over iraq today. but there are growing concerns that the targeted strikes and the humanitarian mission under way already may not be enough. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. hours after president obama authorized the use of force in iraq, a pair of f-18 fighters were bop drdropping bombs on the of isis. the strikes began when that group started firing near erbil. it's just 50 miles from mosul, that g


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